Ha‘a Koa ‘Ōlelo Pa‘a (Declaration)

“E ku‘i na kāne, e naue na moku, e ho‘i na kāne”

The men ku’i, the islands shake, the men return

The kaona (deeper meaning) here is that the practice of the Ha‘a Koa will inspire today’s kāne (men) to be true warriors of the 21st Century. That kāne be ha‘aha‘a (humble), recognize Ke Akua’s (God’s) hand in all things, honor and respect women, provide for and protect the ‘ohana (family), be pono (balanced and upright) role models, become leaders of the kauhale (home) and community, stand for Hawaiian rights and justice, and be true examples of sovereignty, living free of poor health, ignorance, and substance addiction. That it is only after the kāne become pono, will the kauhale be pono, resulting in pono Hawaiian communities, and ultimately a pono Lāhui (Hawaiian Nation).