Conceptualized by Ali‘i Pua Ishibashi of the Royal Order of Kamehameha I, Māmalahoa and developed by Julie and Christian Engelhardt of Gum Design, the Kamehameha Festival website was launched on Feburary 12, 2009.

Art Work

Na Ali‘i by Herb Kawainui Kane

Na Ali‘i by Herb Kawainui Kane

Na Ali‘i (A Gathering of Chiefs) is a stunning 15-by-7-foot mural painted by Hawai‘i’s foremost artist Herbert Kawainui Kane (1928-2011). The painting depicts a summit of ali‘i (chiefs) of Moku O Keawe magnificent in ‘ahu ‘ula (feathered cloaks and capes) and mahi‘ole (feathered helmets), battle apparel of the ali‘i. The highest ranking ali‘i wear the lei niho palaoa (carved whale tooth pendant on human hair), a prized symbol of ali‘i rank. At each end are young warrior ali‘i bearing the kāhili (feather standard of ali‘i). The guard on the left holds a pōhaku newa (stone-head club); while the guard on the right holds a leiomanō (shark’s tooth weapon). A third guard sounds a blast on the pū (triton conch shell). A chanting kahuna (priest), also of chiefly class, holds aloft a stalk of ki (ti leaf) as a signal that peace must be observed. Here Kamehameha wears a cloak made entirely of yellow feathers an emblem of his supreme status as Mō‘ī (King) of Moku O Keawe.

Mahalo nui to the late Mr. Kane for allowing Māmalahoa to feature this beautiful work of art on the Kamehameha Festival website. For more information on Herb Kane and his artwork please go to Note: Mr. Kane was a member of the Royal Order of Kamehameha I.

Tatoo Graphics

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