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The Kamehameha Festival Hō‘ike Oli (Chant Exhibition) celebrates and perpetuates what may be Hawai‘i’s richest legacy, its history (through chant), the very life blood of the Kanaka ‘Ōiwi (aboriginal peoples of Hawai‘i). For participants, the Hō‘ike Oli is a rare opportunity for individuals to share their love and skill of the oli with the community in a competitive yet nurturing environment. Here participants will be judged by experts who will provide constructive feed back (to be shared in private) designed to enhance participant’s knowledge and presentation/delivery skills. For guest, this will be a wonderful opportunity to experience the beauty and power of the Hawaiian oli.

The general mission of the Hō‘ike Oli is fivefold:

  1. To honor the memory of Kamehameha in oli.
  2. To provide a venue for practitioners to share their oli with the community.
  3. To give practitioners an opportunity to receive mana’o (thoughts) from oli experts to enhance their knowledge and presentation skills.
  4. To raise community awareness, interest, and appreciation of the oli as the highest form of the Hawaiian language.
  5. To preserve and perpetuate the oli as an important and dynamic component of the Kanaka ‘Ōiwi Culture.
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