Presentation Criteria

Ethnicity: No restrictions, all are welcome
Age: 8 years of age minimum
Sex: Kāne (Males) only
Pū‘ulu Koa:
(Unit of Warriors)
3 minimum, no maximum
Time Requirements: Ha‘a Koa 60 – 90 sec. maximum (60 sec. recommended)

Theme: Themes and motions should be positive, uplifting, and ho‘omana (empowering) and must not disrespect or degrade any individual, group, place, or time
Movements: Traditional movements found in Hula, Lua, and Hawaiian Culture.
Integration: ʻOlelo (words) and motions/hand movements/steps must correspond with each other.
Formation: Traditional battle formations, e.g., Kūkulu (parallel line), Pū‘ulu Kaua (wedge), Kahalui (crescent).
Language: Hawaiian
Dress: Malo and bare back recommended. However, any matching uniform will be acceptable, e.g., black shorts and shirts.
(Pū‘ulu Koa Leader)
Optional, but if used must utilize a hand held mea kaua (weapon)
Mea Kaua:
Optional, but if used, must be accurate reproductions and used in an accurate Lua manner
Musical Instruments: Optional, but if used must be traditional, e.g., pahu and ipu
Kapu: No abbreviated forms of a traditional dance, i.e., cannot cut-up an existing work to satisfy time requirement