Presentation Criteria

The Hō‘ike Oli (Chant Exhibition) is open to individual chanters only (no groups).

Three categories:

  • Opio: Youth 14 to 17
  • Hōlona Makua: Adult Beginners
  • Ma‘a Makua: Adult Advanced

Note: The term Hōlona (Beginner) here will mean someone who has never entered an oli competition, and or who has shared their oli in a public setting only a few times, and or who has recently learned the oli. On the other hand, Ma‘a (Experienced) here will mean someone who has entered at least one oli competition, and or has shared their oli in a public setting many times, and or has practiced the oli for many years.

  1. Presentations from 1 (minimum) to 5 (maximum) minutes.
  2. Chant must be about Kamehameha, his family, or his time period
    (c. 1758 to 1819).
  3. Compositions may consist of an ancient or modern work.
  4. Chanter’s attire and adornments must be traditional and culturally appropriate and should reflect the time period referred to in oli.
  5. Chanters must submit oli in Hawaiian and English translation as well as a brief narrative including kaona if any. This must include appropriate accent marks, i.e., kahakō and ‘okina.
  6. No taped or recorded music.
  7. No duplication of competition oli. A Chanter’s oli selection will be accepted on a first come first served basis, i.e., if someone else chooses your oli first, then you will have to choose another oli to share.